Sometimes I struggle with showing off my work. There’s a moment between exporting and shooting it off to a client, where I stop myself and think,

“How is this going to be received?”

Which leads to self-doubt of,

“I hope they like it”

And further leads into,

“Man, this piece here could be improved upon, annnd this other piece over here could use some tweaking too, it’ll only take 20 minutes.”

Simply to find myself working on countless other revisions. After 2+ hours, I zoom out and realize the value-added was minimal for my time spent.

You Are Not Your Work

As creatives’, we task ourselves with building perfect solutions. And that if it’s not an ideal 1:1 representation of us and that we’ll die a slow, lonely, miserable death with everyone laughing at our work.

However, I think that we can be over judgmental at times. We easily convince ourselves that our work is the embodiment of our present and future knowledge, experiences, and skills, but that’s certainly not the case. It only embodies the present, and even then, there are other variables to the output equation. Some of these variables include client scope, time constraints, and general constraints encountered during the design process.

Be Aware

Now, I don’t recommend documenting every decision you have to make during your work, be merely aware that we make tons of decisions along the way. Work with what you have in the present plus 20% (everybody is already giving 110%).

Be intentional about the things you’re working on. And although your solution may not be perfect—in your head—know that you’re doing this work because people trust and respect your decisions.


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